Update #04/2016

What’s on the news? I have made the probably best onion soup ever yesterday; deliciously scorched with fresh country bread and finest Gruy√®re cheese. Check out the recipe here.

On other news I had the great pleasure of working on a number of exciting productions in the last couple of months. Working with artists of the likes of Promise Keeper, Anteros, Barns Courtney, Cold Boys or Heri Coltello. Mixing the first three tracks of Wiesbaden’s finest Kenneth Minor’s forthcoming album and pushing preproduction with all new artist from New Cross Baruch. Watch out for this.

Off in a couple of days for another stint with Tobias Levin in Hamburg; recording John McEntire of Tortoise fame, Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot) and Sven Kacirek and mixing the long in the making record of Berlin’s La Stampa.