Update #03/2016

Long time no news on this page, it’s been too busy. I have started production on an album by the legend that is Louis Doyle from the south parts of London, performing under the moniker The Spare Room. We are working on arrangements right now, heading into the studio later this year! As well, Tobias Levin and I have been working together on numerous projects in the past few months. Managed to finalize the stunning new record by Munich’s Candelilla due for release later in the year as well as mixing tracks for Hamburg’s Pascal Finkenauer and zooming in on arrangements for La Stampa’s forthcoming record. Back in London I have been working on mixes for crossover artist Riva Taylor, a swift recording session for London outfit Cold Boys with old suspect Danton Supple producing and writing and arranging with utterly talented electronic artist Promise Keeper. Watch out for new stuff; lots of things are boiling here.