Update #01/2016

Happy new year to everyone, it’ll be a good one! I have just returned from recording and mixing the forthcoming album by Hamburg band Alte Sau (Old sow for non-Germans). A number of projects in collaboration with Tobias Levin have seen their finalization: we recorded and mixed Christian Naujok’s forthcoming album, a sound sculpture in its own right; had the pleasure of working with Geneva duo Hyperculte and finishing their album; started production of the forthcoming 206/Timm Völker and the forthcoming Candelilla album. Moreover we recorded one of my personal heroes John McEntire with his new solo project alongside the extravagant German electronic duo formed of Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek at Westwerk, Hamburg. I had the great pleasure of mixing two tracks for Manchester band James, whose album I engineered earlier in the year. Apart from that started mixing a track for London-based band I said yes. On the gear side of things I have been planning and starting to build a new Eurorack for more beeps and pops. It will be housed in a custom built case and use a Hinton PSU; I’ll be starting with modules from Expert Sleepers, Make Noise and Random Source/Thonk Serge filters. It’ll be a blast.